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Celebrating the rich history of United States libraries through the lens of the postcard.


The postcards displayed here are from the collection of Sharon McQueen. The collection has been built over many years with the help of friends. Antique shops, flea markets and eBay have all been great sources for this collection.

The structure, design and maintenance of this site is handled by Richard Douglas. All mistakes, spelling and otherwise, are his. 8-)

We ask you to respect that this collection has taken years to develop and has required hundreds on hours of organizing and digitizing to get it to this point. Please do not distribute this collection without permission.


We welcome donations of postcards to the collection. Our address is listed below. Many thanks to those who have contributed content. We do not solicit sellers.

Special thanks to Sjoerd Koopman and Larry Nix for their contributions of many cards to the collection. Thanks to Norman Horrocks for his generous donation of skillful editing.


Continue to build content
Current day conditions/uses of these great buildings
Links to libraries listed
Stories connected with libraries (e.g. Ghost stories??)
Better time lines for both postcard and library history.
Fund raising possibilities??


If you would like to donate a card(s) to the collection please drop me a note, or send it to us at:

1444 Morris Crescent
Norfolk, VA 23509

We hope that this website will ignite passion for the rich and diverse history of libraries in the United States and serve as a catalyst for further exploration. Thanks for your interest.

Comments, corrections, additions welcomed.

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2016 May 24